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Re: Features in FT-847 replacement

At 02:18 AM 12/16/2005 -0700, Nate Duehr wrote:
>john.klim@verizon.net wrote:
>> Here is my $.02 worth on what else a new rig should include.
>> 1. IF DSP
>> 2. Spectrum display
>> 3. Computer interface (USB not serial)
>> 4. Add other Microwave modules (5 GHz for example)
>> 5. Interface for Digital modes (RTTY, PSK, and others)
>Hey, since we're just dreaming here and money is no object... (heh)...
>Add in some more from me:
>1. Flash upgradable firmware and updates.  Probably for a price, but 
>hey... I'd take it.
>2. Open-source firmware code.  (Yeah, now I'm really dreaming.)
>3. Open standards and hardware engineering documentation for interfacing 
>additional add-in band modules (wow, wouldn't THAT be cool?... just let 
>other people like DEM make the ones Yaesu doesn't want to make.)  Just 
>make room for a transverter board or two inside the case... with a card 
>edge connector... like a PC or any modern personal computer...
>4. Oh yeah, that one would require... a way to dump a serial stream that 
>contains info to show frequency and modes on the LCD.  (Keep dreamin' 
>5. Or alternately ... an open standard on the serial port (or USB since 
>you like that better..) to dump ALL internal telemetry out to external 
>6. Digital mode capabilities BEYOND packet.  (Want to buy an APCO-25 
>stack and the IMBE vocoder?  Knock yourself out... just dump your copy 
>you bought from some 3rd party vendor who's partnered with Yaesu to sell 
>them -- along with someone's nasty DRM to keep others from copying it -- 
>into the radio.  Same thing with D-STAR.)
>That's all the data geek in me can think of at 2AM... wouldn't those be 
>fun?  ;-)
>Might put the experimentation back into radio, for some people who've 
>not experimented for a long time... a little midnight software hacking 
>of your favorite all-band (and we mean ALL band...) radio, anyone?
>The promise of SDR radios is similar to this, but SDR requires some 
>heavy lifting when it comes to code.  Perhaps a more "attainable" but 
>FUN radio would be one where the manufacturer opens up the rig's 
>interfaces and let's the hams go at it, right from the start.  No 
>reverse-engineering their silly serial protocols just to tune the darn 
>Imagine what hams might come up with using a rig that flexible.
>Today, manufacturers make ham radios like they make commercial radios... 
>to do specific functions.
>Instead, open up the interfaces to the internal CPU, and let the hams 
>have at it... new protocols, new modes... it'd happen.  Yaesu could take 
>the "best" ones, and release them as "standard" in paid-for firmware 
>releases and have a small but continuous revenue stream, perhaps...
>Think in terms of BIG changes in how we interact with manufactured 
>radios... not "feature requests".
>If one ham can start a project like Ham Radio Deluxe with 
>closed-interface radios... imagine the possibilities with open-interface 
>Nate WY0X

Nate and all:

While we are at this "dream machine" designing:

Why not simplify the front control panel and place all the menu driven
controls into sw and a computer screen control panel where that makes more
sense (even multiple computer control panels for less used controls).
Leave common used controls like freq tuning VFO-A and VFO-B, AF/RF level,
SQ, RF Pwr, MIC level, ON/OFF, Memory Tuning on the front panel but put the
DSP filter settings, bandpass, bandwidth, notches, keyboard freq entry, CW
keyer, and spectrum display on the computer.

Card slot analog options in the radio and maybe digital cards for PCI slots
in the computer?  Or is USB the right way to interface now?

Real power and reflected power readouts (SWR too).  Rx signal readout
accurate to 6-dB per s-unit or dispense with s-units and just have dB
readings above noise (easy with an AD8307)?  A switch to disable AGC.
Built-in interface for soundcard connection and RS-232/USB (multiple ports?).

And the list goes on!

So why not some industrious ham do this and the ham world will beat a path
to his door?  Yes, it probably will be based on SDR as that is the right
direction for us to go.  True CW QSK can be built-in.  If SDR then any
modulation mode and coding schema is possible by adding sw modules!  This
is the brave new world of ham radio!!!

Are you ready? :>)
Ed - KL7UW 
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
Amsat #3212
Modes: V - U - L - S
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