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RE: SDR-1000 (was FT-847 discontinued?)


I agree completely...  :-)    Windows is very 'fat'!
And time-slices rather than being interrupt driven,
I dual boot into Linux for the (semi)Real Time stuff.

Before retirement I supported various flavours of Unix. I'd 
run Solaris but for the problems of cross-porting software.
Thank the software gods for Java :-))

Folks... please I don't want to start a WIndows-Unix war... 
it's just my personal opinion.

Dave KK7SS
On 16 Dec 2005 at 7:12, Howard Long wrote:

> Embedded DSP real time operating systems are typically light
> weight and make Windows look like batch processing (remember
> that?). The only way you're going to achieve full break in CW
> is to dump Windows I'm afraid.
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