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Re: SDR-1000 (was FT-847 discontinued?)

Dave G. wrote:

> The problem for high speed CW lies in the inherent delay with 
> the DSP processing algorithms. IMHO because of that delay 
> it's not yet a serious contest rig YMMV!!

Dave (or anyone else on the list who knows):

Is the "slow" CW speed only a function of computer-generated CW?  If so, 
couldn't you get around that problem by using an external keyer?  The 
MFJ-495, for example, allows you to send CW via straight key, paddles, a 
PC keyboard plugged directly into it, or via a serial data stream from a 
computer.  It handles speeds up to 990 WPM (or so they say), which 
oughta be fast enough for almost anyone.  :)  (Heck, if I could reliably 
work CW at a "mere" 20 WPM I'd be ecstatic!)

Or is the SDR not able to send fast CW even if it doesn't have to 
synthesize the CW from keyboard commands on the same PC that is 
supporting the digital encoding/decoding process?  It just seems odd to 
me that it could encode voice into an SSB or AM or FM signal, but simple 
"on/off" sequences of Morse code would be hard for it to do...  But I'm 
certainly very uneducated (at least so far) about the whole SDR DSP 
process, so maybe I'm way off base...

If the problem is the delay between hitting the dit or dah side of the 
paddle and the time that you hear feedback from the monitor speaker, it 
should be possible to listen to yourself send only from the output of 
the keyer, and have the SDR not echo what you send back to your ears. 
Then, it doesn't matter if it takes an extra 300ms for your CW to finish 
transmitting before the person on the other end can respond.

Or am I still missing something totally?  (These are honest questions, 
I'm not trying to take pot shots at anyone, I really don't know the 
answers to them.  Since I've been tempted to step into the SDR-1000 
world "one of these days", I'd really like to know more about it.)

73 de W0JT
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