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Re: FT-847 discontinued?

John Geiger wrote:
> I think the FT736 ran for about 10 years, ending around 1998.  Hopefully the
> replacement for the FT847 will allow for optional 222 and 1.2g modules like
> the 736 had.  In that way the 847 was a step back from the 736.
> I think of the best runs of a yaesu rig has to be the FT840. Started around
> 1994, and still being made today.
> 73s John NE0P

Assuming that there is a replacement other than the FT-857 and FT-897?

No they're not "satellite" radios, but they have more features, a better 
DSP and do just about everything the FT-847 did... cheaper, and appeal 
to a larger portion of the overall Ham market.  With computer CAT 
control, they can do even more.

I'd guess that there's not going to be a "replacement"... they're 
already here.

And with 220 not being a Ham band in most IARU Regions, manufacturers 
have little incentive to build for the band in the worldwide Ham 

1.2G is an open hole in the market space where someone could make an 
affordable single-band radio and probably make a killing on those of us 
that don't have anything other than transverters to work the band 
with... (or buy a Kenwood with the optional band module).  Icom's D-Star 
1.2G digital and analog FM radio doesn't appear to appeal to a very 
large audience, yet.

Nate WY0X
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