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Re: FT-847 discontinued?

Back in August when I was contemplating what  to buy while waiting for my 
radio money to come through, there were FT-847's selling left and right on 
E-bay. Some were at really good prices and looked to be in excellent shape. 
Ultimately I stayed true to my Kenwood roots but if you have your heart set 
on the Yaesu, you might try E-bay. Just be sure to get a late enough serial 
number that the CAT issue has been solved.
Michael W4HIJ
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>I think Universal Radio here in the U.S. has it listed as discontinued
> on their retail web site...
> Dave, N0TGD
> On 12/14/05, David Barber <david.barber@dbelectronics.co.uk> wrote:
>> This rumour has been around over here for some time now, in fact ever 
>> since
>> the show that the FT2000 made its first appearance earlier this year.  At
>> the time it was reported (in German) that certain parts for the 847 were 
>> end
>> of life.
>> Officially everybody seems to be staying tight lipped.
>> David
>> G8OQW
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>>   Hi Folks,  I searched the archives but didn't find much
>>   on this.  Sorry if it's been hashed over already....
>>   I went out to buy an FT-847 and I can't find one.  It's
>>   listed as "Discontinued" on almost every ham radio mfg
>>   out there.  Yaesu.com still has it's picture as their
>>   front page...   Anyone help shed some light on this for
>>   me?   I recently moved and want to supplement the 736 with
>>   another rig now that I have the room!!!  Thanks in advance...
>>   -James   KI0KN
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