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Re: Updating keps in SatPC32

Ah geez,
Of course it would help if I had the latest version! Went to the site and 
downloaded it and now I have no more problems. Tnx, Francesco.
I've just about completed my SAEBRTrack box to control my Orbit 360 
rotators. I'm in the testing stages now and I have to add a digital Az/El 
display after Christmas. I've still got a lot of work to do on homebrewing 
antennas though. Anyway, having a lot of fun!
 I'll get this TS-2000 on the birds someday!!!
Tnx for everyone's help and 73,
Michael, W4HIJ

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> Hi Michael, W4HIJ
> to update keplerian data proceed as follows:
> Open
> the satpc32 menu "Satellites" and click on "Update Keps".
> In the list
> that opens select the proper file, (for example amateur.txt) then click
> on the button "Download".
> The data file will then be downloaded and
> saved in the subfolder "Kepler" in the SatPc32 program folder (the
> SatPc32 standard folder for keplerian data files).
> (Of course all this
> with the last version of SatPc32 program V 12.4)
> My best 73"
> Francesco   IW4DVZ
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> From: Michael A. Tondee
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> Tuesday, December 13, 2005 8:45 PM
> Subject: Updating keps in SatPC32
> Can someone explain to me how to update the keps in SatPC32? For some
> reason I
> can't make any sense out of the directions. I get my keps from
> Spacetrack via
> the Celestrack download system.  From what I can gather
> I'm supposed to use
> the Satrename program to put the keps in an "orbs"
> file but afterwards I can
> never get it to show up in the source file
> list under the satellites setup
> menu. I'm lost here and very
> frustrated.
> Thanks,
> Michael W4HIJ
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