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RE: Obsolete Transistor Needed

We're getting away from the original issue:  Why do Americans hesitate
to sell outside the US?

I've sold items to people (hams) outside the US, to Canadians and
Here's my experience:

Recently I sold a Primestar dish to a Canadian (Luke, I hope it has
arrived).  To ship it via one of the commercial carriers (the US Postal
Service wouldn't take it), the least expensive rate was listed as $44.
This was for and item that I could ship to Hawaii for just $20.  Once I
actually arrived at this carrier, they couldn't seem to locate the rate
I'd found on their website, saying it would cost me $243 to ship it
2-day air.  I went to the next place where it cost me $57 to ship it.
With the packing supplies, I ended up spending about $69 to ship a dish
that the buyer had sent me $84 to ship.  Nice margin there, eh?  I'd
bought it 2 years ago, paid $48 (with shipping) for it and sold it for a
net price of $15, thanks to the shipping.

Another time I sold a Kenwood 930 to a French ham, via eBay.  The US
Postal Service took this one.  Shipping was $80 to ship it surface, with
expected delivery date to take 6 weeks.  Because it was taking so long
to get there, this guy was screaming "wire fraud" and took the case to
"Square Deal", or some such group, saying I'd ripped him off.  

Then there's the endless paperwork and other aggravations.  

No offence to our non-US hams, but from now on I'll sell and ship to US
addresses only.

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

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The same scam has been pulled on Ebay and nearly every bank in the
There is no organisation in the world who will ask you to confirm your 
passwords  because they've lost your details (or some
 similar excuse)
People should know the proper address for the sites/services they 
regularly use. Anybody who falls for these scams only have themselves to

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