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Re: Obsolete Transistor Needed

Ed Krome (K9EK) wrote:
> Message text written by G8IFF/KC8NHF
> It's an American thing... a fear of anything outside of their own country.
> Just look at the number of Americans that advertise items for sale, both 
> here and on E-bay, and stipulate that they will sell ONLY
> to the 48 states.
>  What's the problem of trading with other countries?<
> ----------------
> Not to start a firestorm, but having sold amateur radio parts all over the
> world,
Another problem is the import duty on the other end. I once had a 
customer purchase a laptop computer from me (made in the USA) and hand 
carry it home to Spain. The computer had a problem down the road and 
while still under "stateside warranty" she sent it Fedex to me. I had to 
pay $100 in duty to bring it in and then Fedex would not accept it back 
showing the recipient will pay the duty unless I had a letter stating 
that from her. I secured that otherwise I would have been out more 
money. I got $75 from the manufacturer to fix the laptop so I lost money 
on that deal. Did not accept anything from a foreign country again 
unless all duties were paid by the person that owned the equipment.

If you have something of value that you are taking out of the U.S. and 
you want to bring it back in without paying duty, you can stop at any 
U.S. Customs office before you leave the country (better to do this in 
advance). Take the items with you. You fill out a form along with the 
serial numbers and a Customs's Agent stamps the form. This allows you to 
return it duty free. I have done this with my camera's, palm pilots, and 
radios. Fortunately they have never challenged me on the return. But if 
they did, I would be good to go.

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