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Re: Obsolete Transistor Needed

Message text written by G8IFF/KC8NHF
It's an American thing... a fear of anything outside of their own country.
Just look at the number of Americans that advertise items for sale, both 
here and on E-bay, and stipulate that they will sell ONLY
to the 48 states.
 What's the problem of trading with other countries?<

Not to start a firestorm, but having sold amateur radio parts all over the
most times shipping stuff to other countries was a trial.. you had to be
careful about what you call whatever is in the box and how you value it,
or the recipient may get his brains taxed out. Japan was horrid for the
Or may get it "inspected"... and you are lucky if it ever makes it. And
you can't send radio parts there at all. Or at least you couldn't when I
 in the amplifier business a few years ago. I routinely asked any non-US
buyer exactly how the item had to be packaged, identified, declared,
valued. Every country was different. Austalia and UK had their odd rules,
Had to send a lot of stuff uninsured and declared virtually as "junk" to
the poor guy in the non-US country from being flogged by his local tax and
 import laws. A serious hassle. But I did it.  

Wanna try a real trip? Try buying/selling/paying for things in the old
Eastern block countries. No credit cards. Unreliable or non-existent
bank transfers. 

Now, this was before eBay, PayPal and the Euro, but I doubt that the rules
have changed all that much.
Canada? Do you know I can't carry a toolbox across the border into Canada?

So, guys, lighten up on people who don't want those hassles!


Ed   K9EK
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