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Re: NE567 tone detector (help)

>>> John Magliacane <kd2bd@yahoo.com> 12/13/05 5:23 PM >>>
>For the LM567, it is.  I think the CMOS version runs
>the VCO at twice the detection frequency.

That's it!  I am using the CMOS chip but 
was using the bipolar docs...   Yep, downloaded
the CMOS spec sheet and sure enough, it runs
at twice the clock rate and its formula for the 
clock is even 30% different too:

F of PLL is 1/1.4 x R x C    (not 1.1/R x C as published)

F of operation is therefore 1 divided by 2.8 x R x C
and it is just what I am getting.

But now I am curious why my old book sas 1.1/R x C
and several responodents said theirs say 1/1.1 x R x C
I wonder if my old book is wrong there...  Oh well...

Thanks John and everyone else that jumped in there!
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