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Re: Obsolete Transistor Needed

> What's the problem of trading with other countries?

If you get shipped a box of rocks instead of a radio, you are out of luck. 
It's a big problem on Epay, even with Paypal.

There are customs hassles, shipping hassles, a bigger transit time, return 
issues, all sorts of problems. I'll sell overseas, but almost never buy.

Besides the point, who are any of us to give this guy grief for how he wants 
to conduct business? He slandered no one, no country, nothing offensive at 
all. He's simply looking for a part, and asked for help.

Good grief, lighten up people.

Drew KO4MA

PS Headed to KG4 tomorrow, see you on the satellites.

PSS I'm American, but not afraid of other countries. I even married a Dane. 
In Denmark. Ceremony was in Danish and German. I like Europe just fine. My 
grandfather didn't like it as much though. Of course he saw it from the deck 
of a destroyer. 
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