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AO51 V/s

  I apologize if I QRM'd anyone on the last AO-51 pass. I'm working with the 
SATPC32 author Erich on testing a dual  (single comport) Icom setup 
comprised of a 910 and a 7000. As the 7000 is new I'm not used to it and I 
was listening to a spur from the 910 and thought I had the d/l pegged. 
Unfortunately I didn't . Anyway I now have a handle on it and it won't 
happen again. As far as the IC-7000 goes it is working well as a 2m/70cm IF 
, it's IF DSP works well on the SSB sats like FO-29, VO-52. It will be the 
cats meow on the next HEO....

Once again SORRY, WI2W, and N5AFV, among others...

73 Jeff kb2m
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