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Re: RE: TH-D7A(G) vs W32-A for Easy Sats?

I don't make subjective statements so here's the results from the ARRL test 

FM sensitivity UHF. 12 db SINAD  0.14 uV

FM sensitivity UHF. 12 db SINAD  0.15 uV

 No surprise here, as Icom has a reputation of exaggerating performance 
parameters. look at the vague claims for the 7800's dynamic range narrow 
spaced spec vs the reported value at Sherwood.The complete report can be 
found at the ARRL's members only equipment test results...Dynamic Range
Narrow Spaced
73 Jeff kb2m

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> This is a surprising statement = the sensitivity for the W32A is 0.16uV 
> and the sensitivity for the D7A is 0.18uV.  So I'm not sure on why you 
> would say the D7A has a better receiver?
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