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Re: RE: TH-D7A(G) vs W32-A for Easy Sats?

 I guess when I A/B'd them my W32a was broke. Maybe it is broke. But, I 
have no problem with my SMA BNC adapter with my AL-800. But hey, I can also 
press a button twice...

73 Jeff kb2m

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> At 02:41 PM 12/9/2005, you wrote:
>>I prefer the D7 over the Icom mainly because it has a slightly better 
> This is a surprising statement = the sensitivity for the W32A is 0.16uV 
> and the sensitivity for the D7A is 0.18uV.  So I'm not sure on why you 
> would say the D7A has a better receiver?
> One other thing I should have mentioned is that the D7A has an SMA 
> connector, which means that you will need to use an adapter for an Arrow 
> antenna and can't use the Pryme AL-800 antenna on it (or at least not very 
> well.)
> 73,
> Emily
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