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Fwd: RE: TH-D7A(G) vs W32-A for Easy Sats?

Quoting Emily Clarke <emily@clarke-design.com>:

> Unfortunately no - at least as far as I can see from the programming 
> software or the radio itself.  Each VFO has to be programmed
> independently.
> 73,
> Emily

I only own the THD7A, but Emily's comments seem spot on to me. I bought the
radio for its digital capabilities, but I've been satisfied with its use on
analog satellites. The little dance you have to do each time you shift the
receive frequency in mode V/U is annoying, and it is easy to forget the
last step so that you transmit on UHF and can't figure out why your signal
is lost.

But these failings are easy to forgive. Today I used the THD7A for the
first time to decode Echo's telemetry, following the instructions on p. 72
of Smith, G. Gould, _AO-51: Development, Operation and Specifications_ (put
it on your holiday list if you haven't got it yet!) All that's required is
a data cable to the computer: a 9600 baud modem is built into the radio. 

I wonder if anyone knows of CAT software that will do real-time doppler
correction on this radio. That would greatly improve the reliability of
doppler correction, but I'm not sure if it is possible, given that the same
comm port will be used for data from the radio and instructions from the

73, Bruce
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