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Re: Reply goes to sender, not to amsat-bb

Edward R. Cole wrote:

> Well I just clicked "reply-all" on my e-mail client (Eudora-Pro) and this
> message gets sent back to Bill and the -bb.  So simple!  I wonder why folks
> continue to use Outlook.  In my opinion (not humble) it is a lousy e-mail
> program (but that is your choice...if you like being a target of all the
> hackers out there).  Do not make the list default to reply to the list as
> then it will screw up many "good" e-mal clients from proper operation.

Ditto with Reply vs. Reply All in Mozilla Thunderbird, my preferred mail 
client.  At work, I am forced to use Outlook for business email, and I 
don't like it much either.  The only virus that has ever successfully 
reached me by email was brought to me by Outlook, but I guess in that 
case it wasn't the fault of Outlook, the attachment was from a "trusted 
source" who didn't realize that it contained a virus when she sent it to 
176 other employees around the country with orders to run the program. 
Ouch.  After about a dozen of us folks who follow orders promptly got 
infected, she managed to tell the rest of the group what she had done 
and to not run the program, but as they say, "no good deed goes 
unpunished".  I do believe that we now have automatic corporate-wide 
virus scanning on all of our Outlook mail, so that probably wouldn't 
happen again.  I also whole-heartedly agree with keeping the two reply 
methods separately available.

73 de W0JT

P.S., Ed, I hear that we were colder here in Minnesota than you were in 
Alaska a couple of days ago.  But, not to worry, the weatherman is now 
predicting that the temperature might rise as high as freezing this 
weekend!  ;-)
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