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Re: Query for OSCAR SKN Participants,

de John Mock kd6pag

>I think SKN should just be straight key.  If ARRL wants to hold a mechanical
>key night, that's fine; they should call it that.  We do lots of innovation
>here, so i think it's our duty to keep to tradition (for a change).
>Furthermore, most folks can't send as fast with a straight key as with a bug,
>and therefore, SKN gives code neophytes a chance to get started in a new mode
>on the birds (which the ARRL 'innovation' might discourage).  CW is a good
>mode on the birds especially when conditions aren't favorable for voice or
>other modes.  I suspect that the kind of CW that would work well under such
>conditions would not be the super-fast kind...  I'm sure i won't be able
>handle those kinds of contacts, and isn't this night seeking the 'best fist'?
>Let's keep SKN just for straight keys.

I agree, John. But typical of ARRL they "bend", or attempt to, with 
anything and everything
that will get them an advertising buck...there is little market for 
"straight keys" anymore!!!!

And they do little or nothing to promote amateur satellites.  I see 
some attempts for AMSAT to promote them, why?, I have the faintest idea...

I think I've been a member on and off for 50 years or more....when 
the present subscription expires it will not get renewed...Just to 
let the naysayers know that I am a member now...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 
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