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Query for OSCAR SKN Participants,

I think SKN should just be straight key.  If ARRL wants to hold a mechanical
key night, that's fine; they should call it that.  We do lots of innovation
here, so i think it's our duty to keep to tradition (for a change).

Furthermore, most folks can't send as fast with a straight key as with a bug,
and therefore, SKN gives code neophytes a chance to get started in a new mode
on the birds (which the ARRL 'innovation' might discourage).  CW is a good
mode on the birds especially when conditions aren't favorable for voice or
other modes.  I suspect that the kind of CW that would work well under such
conditions would not be the super-fast kind...  I'm sure i won't be able
handle those kinds of contacts, and isn't this night seeking the 'best fist'?

Let's keep SKN just for straight keys. 

			       -- KD6PAG

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