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Re: TH-D7A(G) vs W32-A for Easy Sats?

On 12/7/05, Hal Pressman <halpress@cinci.rr.com> wrote:
> repeat and is full duplex. I know the TH-D7A is full duplex but I don't know
> if it can cross band repeat. If it doesn't will that make a difference in
> working the birds?

If by "cross band repeat" you mean transmit on one band and receive on
the other, yes it will do it, no problem.  The only gripe I have with
using the TH-D7A on satellites is that you have to switch to the
receive band to adjust the doppler, then switch back to the transmit
band to transmit.  If you could "lock" the transmit band and adjust
receive band without having to switch back and forth, it would be
easier to use.

By having the TH-D7A, you also gain the benefit of working APRS
enabled satellites such as the ISS, PCSAT, and PCSAT2 in a single
handheld unit.

The TH-D7A is a larger than most HT's, but for all of the capabilities
that are packed into it, I think it is worth it.

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
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