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Oops! Corrected version of SKN query

Oops!  I meant w2rs@arrl.net, not w2rs@arrl.org.  The latter is a 
non-existent address and will bounce.  Here is a corrected version of my original e-mail:


As you know, our OSCAR SKN event was loosely patterned after the Straight Key 
Night that ARRL runs on HF. Many of us enter both. I see in QST that ARRL is 
now allowing the use of "old-fashioned bugs," i.e., mechanical rather than 
electronic, which they describe as "a variation of the straight key." (Horace 
Martin, inventor of the original Vibroplex, is undoubtedly vibrating rapidly at 
the sound of that.)

So, I have a question for those of you who have participated in OSCAR SKN in 
past years, or hope to do so this year: should we follow ARRL's lead in 
permitting mechanical semi-automatic keys, or should we remain staunch 
traditionalists and continue to insist on the real thing?

Please be sure to include w2rs@arrl.org in the address of your reply. I'll 
report on the consensus view before the event, so you'll know which key to hook 
up. My J-38 and Vibroplex Original Deluxe await your verdict.

73, Ray
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