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Another KG4 operation

Hello gang,

This is still somewhere between tentative and and confirmed, but it looks like I'm going to be in KG4 from the evening of the 14th to somewhere around the 18th of December. It's a work trip (aren't they all???) so if I can secure the license upon arrival, I'll try to be QRV in the evenings and possibly early morning passes. AO-51 will be in V/S, so I will most likely NOT be QRV on that satellite. The best bet will be to look on SO-50, FO-29 somewhere other than the middle of the passband, and VO-52 in the middle. Possibly AO-27 (if not working) and AO-7 mode B. Have patience, especially on the SSB birds. Depending on what gear I get to take I may have to be half-duplex on SSB, and the largest antenna will be an Arrow....

I have a couple of requests. My goal is to get into as many logbooks as possible, exactly once ;-). Southeastern stations have the best shot and should work me while it is just us in the footprint. I'll be keeping a particular ear out for the left coast and far north stations that may have missed KG4SB. I have no idea what my horizons will be like, but it's not flat. I do not need your grid square just your call, especially if I'm on an FM bird ...

I have no idea if I'll have email access. If I'm passing traffic to a station please give me a minute before calling.

OK guys, I'll keep you updated....

73, Drew KO4MA
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