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Alaska - Europe, was: Re: AO-51 DX-by-mail

Hi Ed,

Alaska *is* in range of Europe. I just checked and there are several 
occasions every day where we have a mutual window
on AO-7 from my location (JO21). Working the UK should be even easier. 
Time zone differences (you are 10 hours behind
of Europe) are a problem ofcourse and AO-7 must be in the sun.

Practical problem might be that when AO-7 is that far up over the north 
pole most of the time I get a lot of QRM so
working this bird is very hard to say the least. But it would be very 
nice DX.

Well, maybe it can be done ;)


Andre PH7AT

Edward R. Cole wrote:

>specialty types of hamming ... e.g. microwave or meteor scatter).  Alaska
>(thankfully) is in range for good Leo activities with Canada and parts of
>the lower-48 states...but not Europe.
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