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Re: AO-51 DX-by-mail

I've tried this equipment loaner idea twice. One time it didn't work, and the other time it worked great. I'll share a few thoughts on the process. It's hard to find DX who is interested, has the time, and is trustworthy, that isn't already operating on satellite. It's not easy to teach someone how to work a satellite with an Arrow over email either. There is always the risk of the equipment not finding it's way home, either due to dishonorable intentions of the borrower, just plain apathy, or the ever present customs and theft issues with many countries.

While I realize the desire to work DX _today_, it might perhaps be better to expend the energy into supporting a HEO with the goal of making equipment for loan available for DX then. The pool of interested operators is much larger on a HEO than a LEO. For some reasons many of the DX minded ops don't care much for DX over LEOs...just my observations.

I wish you luck if you pursue this and will gladly do what I can to help. I'd suggest concentrating on the Caribbean area first, since most of the US will be in range at some point and there are many, many DXCC entities there.....

73, Drew KO4MA
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