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Re: AO-51 DX-by-mail

Quoting "A.J. Farmer (AJ3U)" <farmer.aj@gmail.com>:

> Interesting idea, but why are you proposing to send them equipment on
> our dime?  It seems you are assuming that operators who live in South
> America, Russia, or Surinam are unable to afford the equipment.  I
> have worked many operators in South America and a couple in Russia on
> HF, so why would you assume they are unable to afford satellite gear?
> If you are interested in expanding communications into a remote, poor
> area, then I think that it something totally different and worthy of
> the proposal.

A. J.:

I agree that such a program would want to assist those who couldn't acquire
the basic equipment on their own. I mention those areas of the globe not
because I think they are especially impoverished, but because they fulfill
the other side of the equation: namely, they'd give a large concentration
of LEO ops some nearby DX to work.

Nevertheless, I do believe that in the countries mentioned there probably
are some 20-year-old engineering students who could bust our socks off and
who don't have the cash to get on the FM LEOs. Heck, there are many in that
position here in NA, but they aren't going to be giving us fine DX, now are

Ideally, of course, we would maximize both aspects of the project: as you
put it, expanding communications into a remote, poor area *and* providing
nearby, established, LEO ops with rare DX. I hope a selection committee
might be formed to evaluate applications fairly with both of these in mind.

Brock advises that this be conducted through a local club. I think a club
would provide an excellent basis for evaluating applications, but I still
think nominating one recipient, as a sort of honour, would be a great way
to go.

73, Bruce

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