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Re:AO51 fading

On the few occasions that I have listened to the S band downlink, I have
been using a hand held RHC helix. I had noticed the deep fades and that I
could often then re-aquire the signal off the side of the antenna (first
side lobe). This suggests that the signal may be coming down LHC.
Makes me wonder if a linear polarised antenna may be a better choice for S
band RX. Given the strong signals, I can't see the 3dB penalty being
significant. (I've not yet tried the L band uplink, so I can't comment on


From: Andrew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner@mindspring.com>
For clarification, is the fading on the uplink or downlink signal? There
would be no explanation (that I can see) for any difference in the downlink,
but remember the uplink is on a different antenna for L than for V. The same
antenna seems to have some spin fade on S, in my personal
observations/opinion. So...it wouldn't surprise me if it exhibited some
periodic fades on L too...
73, Drew KO4MA
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