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Re: AO-51 DX-by-mail

Interesting idea, but why are you proposing to send them equipment on
our dime?  It seems you are assuming that operators who live in South
America, Russia, or Surinam are unable to afford the equipment.  I
have worked many operators in South America and a couple in Russia on
HF, so why would you assume they are unable to afford satellite gear?

If you are interested in expanding communications into a remote, poor
area, then I think that it something totally different and worthy of
the proposal.

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U

On 12/5/05, Bruce Robertson <broberts@mta.ca> wrote:
> have the same experience with parts of South America, and I know that N.
> Russia always tantalizes me. What we need is someone to work in these
> areas. I suspect that, in some cases, these areas would very much like the
> use of equipment to work us in turn.
> I therefore propose an AMSAT DX-by-mail program, whereby an Arrow antenna
> and handheld are mailed to a worthy and interested operator in a desirable
> location. This would constitute a three month loan, during which time the
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