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Re: quick survey

Early models (like mine) were often off frequency and the trimmer on the stock LO didn't have the range to fix the problem. Mine was 9 khz off on 435. Icom replaced the LO unit free of charge, so if you buy a used one ask if it was fixed! I have a few grumbles with the radio compared to the 821, but overall it's pretty fine. The AFC is a super nice function for the FM sats, especially on S. 

I generally dislike the trend to all in one DC to daylight rigs, and the 910 is the last left that's VHF/UHF only and sat capable.

73, Drew KO4MA

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The IC910 seems to be coming out ahead in the survey.
Only known negative on this transceiver is the large amount of transmitted  
phase noise.
Not a major problem for satellite operations, but worth considering if you  
want to operate 1296 and live in an urban area with other 23cm stations close  
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