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AO-51 L/U Mode

GM All and Happy Holidays,

Geen enjoying the L/U mode on AO-51 and just a short report.

Worked W2XB (Don), WI2W (Steve), N8BBQ (Ed), K5HGH (Bob Nice IC-910H and
Directive Antennas for 1.2 GHZ) and WA4IVM missed his name.

Bob noted that the signal was fading in and out even under high power in the
L/U mode.  I noticed the same here in Montana on stations I worked (Strong
then faded then Strong).  Sat is not is normal consistant strong down link
as in V/U.

This is just a note for Mike (KE4AZN AO-51 controller - Tks for L/U Mode

Anyway its still a challange and fun.  I have been able to work with just a
12 turn helix and 1 watt at 1300 Km and 5 watts at 2800 km so the receiver
is doing its job.

Picture of my 1.2 GHZ antenna by Directive at:


Cheers all will be on next pass...

Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.
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