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Egg beaters

Dave Hartzell, Your e-mail address kicked back, l hope you can pick 
it up here...

Don't pay that outrageous price for an eggbeater!!

Go to my site:


and look for the articles on quadxxxxxx

Build them for about 10 bucks, if you have to buy all the parts..the 
connector is the most expensive thing!!  And easily constructed using 
common tools...Just use good quality feed line, short as possible, 
quality connectors, and they will work...no tuning required...

Specs in there for the wx birds also...A friend of mine, lives on a 
sailboat built one for the wx, and it works better than some in the 
marina that cost several hundred dollars...

Glad to answer any questions.

If P3E comes up with the power they aim for, they MAY worked fixed 
vertically, no rotor required, but of course that remains to be 
seen(or rather heard,  probably not enough gain for SSTV!!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E...  
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