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ISS / PCSAT2 operating rules

>>> Jerry Clement <stormchaser@shaw.ca> 
>I was really pleased to make contact with Bill McArthur...
>on the 15:15 pass of the ISS. Bill KC5ACR made contacts 
>both in Canada and the US untill LOS. 

Since PCSAT2 is operating on VHF this week until the
next school contact, and Bill is being quite active for random 
voice contacts, the normal PCSAT2 User Service Agreement 
is temporarily amended to add these precautions all
intended to make sure you do NOT operate via PCSAT2 
while the crew is on voice.

1) Monitor 145.800 for the crew before oeprating PCSAT2.
2) If you hear VOICE on 145.800 do not operate packet on PCSAT2.  
3) Or if you DONT hear packet on 145.800  then DONT 
    operate packet on 145.825, because he may be listening
    between contacts.

Besides mostly we are listening to hear if PCSAT2 can hear
PCSAT-1 and you cant hear that if you are transmitting too.


de Wb4APR, Bob
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