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Re: HRD and two radios: was dual IC-706 station

At 12:17 AM 12/1/2005 -0400, Bruce Robertson wrote:

>It's pretty clear how to use HRD with two radios on a FM bird, but I'm a
>bit perplexed when it comes to linear tracking. At the bottom of the
>instruction page at
>http://www.ham-radio.ch/guides/hrd/hrd_tools_sattrack.html it says that one
>should start the DDE server on one machine and "Connect to the Server
>Program which will be Ham Radio Deluxe (Nova), this will be the data
>supplied by the DDE server in the first instance of HRD used for the
>downlink." I can't, though, see where in HRD one can start what I take to
>be a DDE client. I assume this DDE link is the means by which HRD plans to
>support two-radio linear tracking.
>Is anyone aware of another program that does linear tracking with two radios?

Hi Bruce,

InstantTune will tune 3 radios (1 up, 2 down) and
has had this feature since RS-12/13 was running with
mode K/T (15m up, 10m and 2m down)

Tony AA2TX
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