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HRD and two radios: was dual IC-706 station

Quoting Kyle Yoksh <yokshs@totalusa.net>:

> Hello to the list,
> I am in the process of upgrading my station, and
> have the opportunity to purchase a second
> Icom 706.
> I currently use an Icom 706 MK2g along with an old
> Icom 245 all mode 2 meter only rig.
> The second 706 is the original model, HF, 6m and 2m.
> Does anyone on the list have experience using dual IC-706 radios for
> satellite
> operation? I'm particularly interested in any trouble I might run into
> or
> disadvantages with such
> a setup.
> One real advantage I can think of is the ability to hear my
> S band downconverters that use 123 MHz as the IF frequency. When I
> operated
> mode U/s on AO-40, I had
> to use a downconverter with 144 MHz IF, as my MK2g was
> the uplink rig at 435.xxx.
> Also, the new rig features CAT control, allowing automatic doppler
> tuning on
> both radios using Ham Radio Deluxe.
> Thank you for any thoughts or ideas.
> 73,


I've just added a second FT-817 to my station in an attempt to accomplish
what you describe. My reasoning was much like yours: since each radio has
two inputs, I can add my s-band downconverter to one of the remaining free

I can attest that you'll have enough power with efficient cables and
reasonable antennas: yesterday I made my first FO-29 contacts on CW, and
today I sorta' worked someone on SSB. The FT-817 has max 5 watts output.

Unfortunately, my second radio didn't come with a control cable, so I can
do automatic doppler control only with one radio. I am using the latest
beta version of HRD. 

It's pretty clear how to use HRD with two radios on a FM bird, but I'm a
bit perplexed when it comes to linear tracking. At the bottom of the
instruction page at
http://www.ham-radio.ch/guides/hrd/hrd_tools_sattrack.html it says that one
should start the DDE server on one machine and "Connect to the Server
Program which will be Ham Radio Deluxe (Nova), this will be the data
supplied by the DDE server in the first instance of HRD used for the
downlink." I can't, though, see where in HRD one can start what I take to
be a DDE client. I assume this DDE link is the means by which HRD plans to
support two-radio linear tracking.

Is anyone aware of another program that does linear tracking with two radios?

In any case, using these programs as I am right now, controlling one radio
and reading the freq. off for the other, is a great help, and I'm very
appreciative, especially of Simon's work on HRD.

73, Bruce
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Bruce Robertson, 
Dept. of Classics, Mount Allison University
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