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Re: Copying ECHO on D700 front panel

>I have to say that since the ISS and 2 PCSATs 
>have different digipaths it's become a real pain 
>for me to keep switching software around all the time. 

Ah, but you dont have to.  ALL of them, ARISS, 
PCsat, & PCSAT2 all use the same ALIAS of "ARISS" 
and I have tried to mention that in every post.  All 
the user has to do is tune the radio between freqs.

>It would be really nice if every sat would 
>respond to a fixed set of callsigns:

Actually, they do that too.  "APRSAT" was
the intended universal UI-DIGIPEATING alias
and it is also in PCsat, PCSAT2, and soon to
be ANDE and RAFT.   I think it is also in the
ARISS radio too.  But I have not pushed that

>... but without a unified satellite digi it's not fun.

The idea since 1999 was a constellation of digipeaters
in space on 145.825 uplink to enable universal
mobile-to-mobile PACKET real-time QSO's anywhere
on earth.   TO that end:

1) PCsat, then PCSAT2 are both on 145.825
2) ARISS radio is programmed with 145.825
3) Future ANDE and RAFT satellites are on 145.825
4) SUNSAT operated on 145.825 APRS packet
5) Kenwood recalled ALL initial D7 radios to make
    them operate at both 1200 and 9600 baud
    for APRS front-panel digital messaging so that
    they would work with KO23, KO-25, UO-22
    and the future ECHO.

The biggest disappointement in all this is the demise
of UO-22 and AMSAT's demonstrated disinterest in 
live-realtime digitial QSO's mobile-to-mobile that 
could be enalbed with just the flip of the 
"digipeating" bit on ECHO.

UO22 ran the same PACSAT-Protocol BBS that 
ECHO runs, and since 2000 it DID enable the
digipeating bit and it worked well.  I could digipeat
through UO-22 from my mobile easily at 9600
baud with nothing but the D700 in my car (no
laptop or anything external).

I could also do it via UO22 with the D7 HT but it 
was best to use the ARROW antenna for good horizon
performance.  We completely expected ECHO
BBS to also enable the digipeating bit, but to
date, the digipeat bit on ECHO has not been
switched on to enable this fascinating radio-to
radio real-time digital communications mode.

The D7 and  D700 APRS radios are APRS 9600
baud satellite ready.  Just need digipeating 
enabled on ECHO...

For the full story of live-digipeating QSO's via 
satellite see:


Its time to add LIVE digital QSO's to the mix of
AMSAT satellite support.  1980's style Bulletin
Boards are just not that exciting in the Amateur
Satelltie Service in most areas that are saturated
with the internet.  On the other hand, MOBILE 
satellite QSO's that we can do anywhere is 
something that I just think AMSAT should be 
interested in.

de Wb4APR

At 06:07 PM 11/29/2005, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>I finally remembered to tune in ECHO downlink
>on 435.150 on my D700 in APRS mode and
>with the PAC-MON button pushed, the following
>shows up on the radio front panel:
>Looks like no one was using it.
>I bet a lot more people would use it if they
>would just enable the digipeat bit.  Then
>any two D7 or D700 users could do
>radio-to-radio front-panel-to-front panel
>digital messaging and APRS while mobile.
>de WB4APR
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