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Re: AO-51 Callsigns

>Load up and run the AO-51 telemetry program
>---you'll see PACB in action...
>Or, for kicks, turn the "headers ON" in MSPE during 
>a pass.  You'll be amazed at what all is coming out it!

And if they would just turn on the DIGIpeat bit
then any mobile with a D7 or D700 could use it...
Bingo, Digital satellite comms, mobile to mobile with 
nothing but the radio front panel...

To see how well it might work, just tune your D700 
to the 435.150 +/- doppler downlink and 
you should see some packets when it is in digital
mode.  THey wont display because they are 
only telemetry type status packets, but the radio 
should decode the callsign and at least indicate 
"??" showing if it got the packet, but doesnt
understand what to do with it.

On the D700, hit the PACKET-MONITOR button
and you should be able to actually see the raw 
packet on your front panel...  I just tried on 
the last pass, but by the time I got the radio
configured, there were no packets to hear.
I only heard a few bursts early in the pass.

Seems like everytime I think to do this experiment,
the satellite is not in digital mode...

I notice it was supposed to be in BBS mode, so
I expected to hear a constant downlink like
the other UO22, KO23, and KO25 used to do.
But maybe ECHO is smarter and does not have
a downlink if no one is logged on...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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