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Re: UWE-1 always in life

Jep, f6byj@free.fr wrote:

> Hello.
> Received this morning of the traces of packet but not dÈcodables.
> On 08h59m11s TU  elev:  68     09h00m11s elev: 50 QRG seem 3khz below
that > corrected Doppler

To quote Radu: "..from time to time, when the
batteries are nearly empty, UWE-1 enters "3 hours charging mode". During
this time it does not send any beacon, in order to save some energy and
charge the batteries. So in case you track the satellite and you do not
receive any data, the satellite is probably in this 3 h charging mode."

We didn't receive anything either on that pass, but got a lot of data on
the next (09:54 UTC here in Ballerup). We use a nominal QRG of 437.501

On behalf of the OZ7SAT group of AMSAT-OZ

Best 73 de Bent/OZ6BL
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