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Re-grouping of 2Lines for SAFIR-S, SSETi Express, Uwe-1/Cubesat XI-V


the 2Lines for SSETI Express, Rubin-5/SAFIR-S, UWE-1 and CubeSat XI-V
as provided by Space-Track.org and Celestrak.com have been removed
from the file TLE-NEW.txt and have been moved to different files:

SSETI EXPRESS/NCUBE 2 #28894 -> education.txt
CUBESAT XI-V          #28895 -> cubesat.txt
UWE-1                 #28892 -> cubesat.txt
MOZHAYETS 5/RUBIN 5   #28898 -> amateur.txt (SAFIR-S)
BEIJING 1             #28890 -> dmc.txt
TOPSAT                #28891 -> resource.txt
SINAH 1               #28893 -> resource.txt

Regarding the current status of SAFIR-S:
SAFIR-S is still activated. Due to the uncontrolled rotation at 10rpm
and uncontrolled steering of the platform, the signals are expected
to be only randomly observed on earth.

We are still searching for signals of the S-band beacon on 2401.9 MHz.
Any observations of this beacon are welcome.

73 de Oliver, DG6BCE
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