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Re: VO-52 Beacon

Quoting Bill Ress <bill@hsmicrowave.com>:

> Hi Drew,
> It's be noted (see posts yesterday) that the CW beacon has been
> sounding
> "raspy". On the last pass for here in Northern CA last night there was
> no
> activity on the transponder and the CW beacon note sounded fine. So I
> would
> conclude that something is being yanked around in response to multiple
> or
> strong signals in the transponder.

I have the advantage of hearing south-bound passes as they come over the N.
Pole. I like to listen to the beacon, which is at first a pure tone, then
gets wobbly; at that point, I know others are transmitting on the bird.

It's a feature, not a bug! :-)

73, VE9QRP

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