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ISS on Voice/KPC-4 Question

Howdy from Bill K7MT,

Had a nice chat will Bill aboard ISS early morning pass. He sure sounded
good and I passed a howdy to Valery.

Question on KPC-4 Kantronics Dual TNC - I and running APRS + SA, two
DR-1200's, with the KPC-4.  I set the callsign for dual in APRS + Sa as
K7MT/K7MT-11 ( Terestrial/ISS).  About every 2-3 minutes in the TNC window
of APRS + SA I get Echo was OFF and TNC sets call to K7MT/K7MT  ???? This
causes confict with Findu as there cannot be two K7MT's as I used K7MT (Port
1)  APRS and K7MT-11 for ISS traffic (Port 2). Why is the KPC-4 changing the
callsign on me does anyone have any ideas........ APRS + SA still has
correct callsign but TNC is changed ?????

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