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RE: Re: FM vs. Linear on LEOs


> A lot of liniar sat operators in the early days used to work portable
> with a yeasu FT290R/FT790R combo, they are not as small as a HT but they
> can be used with a shoulder strap opperating from internal battery power.
> They are no longer in production but I think you can still get them or
> the later mark 2 models seccond hand, alternatifly you can use something
> like the ft817 and a allmode portable reciever to do the same be it at a
> slightly higher price (you pay for the hf portion of the 817 even if you
> only need the 2/70 portion)

I still do this: you can pick up Mk1 290/790's on ebay here in the UK for
~UKP70 (~USD110). In addition I built a little gismo to track the rotary
encoders. http://www.g6lvb.com/satellite_passband_frequency_tra.htm. One VFO
knob tracks both VFO's (either reverse or forward), and the other VFO knob
is independent. I've also use an almost identical setup on a 290R2 and 790R2
combo. Just as good as the commercial stuff.

The 290R2 and 790R2 have neat clip on amplifiers. I combine these with a D
cell NiMH battery pack to make a portable setup that fits in a camera case,
and hang it around my neck. The beauty of the 290 and 790 is that these D
batteries last for hours and hours.

The only downside of the 290 is that you can't easily switch the PL tones to
activate SO-50. That's another job I've been meaning to do...

73, Howard G6LVB
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