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Re: Re: FM vs. Linear on LEOs

Kyle Yoksh schreef:

> It's just too bad that CW/SSB transmitters are not available in a 
> compact HT-size package. A few current-model
> HTs offer SSB receive, that much I know.

A lot of liniar sat operators in the early days used to work portable
with a yeasu FT290R/FT790R combo, they are not as small as a HT but they
can be used with a shoulder strap opperating from internal battery power.
They are no longer in production but I think you can still get them or
the later mark 2 models seccond hand, alternatifly you can use something
like the ft817 and a allmode portable reciever to do the same be it at a
slightly higher price (you pay for the hf portion of the 817 even if you
only need the 2/70 portion)

maybe if we ask the manufactors often enough they will bring out a
portable dualband allmode tranciever with sat mode.

73 de Andre PE1RDW
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