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Re: Wish list

In a message dated 25/11/2005 09:01:12 GMT Standard Time, roccaf@gmail.com  

I would  definitely prefer to have perhaps some uplinks on 29Mhz or
144Mhz than on  70cm where, expecially with HEOs, the visibility
home-bird is very  important.

Newbie sat specs: Mode A, K or T ! (Most of us started with  RS12/13/15)


Sorry Fabio, but I'm not sure that is practical.
For an HEO bird you will 1) never overcome the higher galatic noise levels  
present on the HF (29MHZ) band    2) You can not produce the  necessary ERP to 
generate a usable signal at the satellite.
2m uplink is possible as the natural noise is lower and you can make a  
reasonable beam for 2m to get the ERP.   However, the problem, as Ib  OZ1MY and 
many others have demonstrated, is the very high levels of QRM from the  ground on 
I was pretty amazed to see Drew and Mark working AO-51 with a few watts and  
a handheld at this years Dayton. In Europe, with the satellite on an Easterly  
pass, that's virtually impossible with the interference from high power  
phones in Eastern Europe.
70cm is probably the optimum uplink band at the present time.
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