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Wish list (was RE: FM on ssb/cw designed hamsats)

> Hi Mark, no don't keep it to yourself, that's what the bb is 
> all about. We 
> might not all agree with each other but there is nothing 
> wrong in discusing 
> it. I for one like your idea on FM. I remember the time i did 
> not have all 
> the radios for ssb.

I'm still not quite there yet.. but my personal wish list is:

1.  Mode B FM sat (so many newbies here have probs with Mode J, plus Asian
QRM on 2m uplinks).  SO-35 was popular and fun in these parts.

2.  HEO voice (SSB for now, until a suitable digital voice mode becomes
common) - That's what I really want to tackle next.  LEOs in this part of
the world don't get you very far... maybe Fiji or Papua New Guinea is about
as exotic as it gets...  HEO, well EU and US become real possibilities. :-)
As for frequencies, 2m, 70cm and 2.4 GHz are the easiest for me to manage.

Of course, there is one thing the HT owner can do with those SSB birds...
PTT CW. ;-) 

Looking forward to P3E when it's launched.
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