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Re: Hamsat FM

On 11/24/05, Andrew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner@mindspring.com> wrote:
> We all know FM works on transponders, MOST of us know it's not welcome because it hogs power. FM is 100% duty cycle, and steals downlink power from polite users on SSB and CW.
> Please leave FM to the FM satellites, and SSB and CW to the transponders.

It would be nice to see Hamsat allow FM mode for one day a week.  The
only satellite that does FM and does not require tone access right now
is AO-27, and that is on the air for only 6 minutes at a time.  For
those of us in northern latitudes like much of Europe, by the time
AO-27 gets up here, it switches to a minute of packet then shuts off.
Many in Europe still don't have tone boards in their radios and may
benefit from a sat which allows FM without tone guard.  The Indians
use FM on their bird; there's even mention about it on AMSAT-INDIA's
webpage.  If they could schedule just some time to allow FM users I'm
sure many will benefit from it and the SSB/CW crowd will still have
the vast majority of time on the satellite.

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