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Joint PCSAT2 <=> PCsat operations

Today PCsat eclipses dropped to 6 minutes and
we were able to recover her to OPS NORMAL.
We left her charging for a few orbits, but by
tonight, she will be in full sun for the next few
weeks and fully operational up/dn on 145.825.
using the same path as ARISS for convenience:

Please remember the rules for PCsat as published
in the User Service Agreement, and that is "no
unattended beacons via PCsat" to conserve power
for those people trying live contacts.

APRS mobiles in the USA will also see occasional
packets from the Side B downlink on the USA
APRS frequency of 144.39.

In a week or so, we may be able to also shift
PCSAT2 to the same 145.825 frequency as
PCsat for joint-ops experiments.  We have to work
around the ARISS school contacts of which there
are several.

Even without switching, the PCSAT2 packet uplink
is on 145.825 always, so a two hop path via
PCsat first and then to PCSAT2 is always possible
and in fact slightly better odds due to the lack of
collisions between the two satellite outputs.
(though it takes a UHF beam to hear PCSAT2

de Wb4APR, Bob

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