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Re SuitSat Delay

Hello friends



I have received information that the Russian EVA that will deploy SuitSat,
planned for December 8, has been delayed to late January/Early February. 
As we get more information, we will post it.


Frank H. Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs
ARISS International Chairman

abstract from JSR-556 Jonathan McDowell (2005 Nov  8)


The Expedition 12 crew of Bill McArthur and Valeriy Tokarev made a
spacewalk on Nov 7. The airlock reached 240 mbar at around 1429 UTC, but
because of a valve left in an incorrect position, the pressure did not
drop below 130 mbar and at 1448 UTC the airlock was repressurized. I
count this as a `partial depressurization' only and not as a full EVA.
After opening the crew lock door and resetting the valve, the airlock
was depressurized again, reaching 50 mbar at 1527 UTC. The airlock hatch
was opened at 1529 UTC, with the spacesuits on battery power at 1532
UTC. McArthur and Tokarev emerged at 1544 and 1550 UTC respectively. The
first task was to take a camera from the airlock and a camera support
assembly from the ESP-2 storage platform, and install them at the far
end of the P1 truss segment (a similar camera is already at the end of
S1). At 1800 UTC they headed for the other end of the truss to remove a
failed rotary joint motor controller on S1; by 1836 UTC, after returning
to the airlock, they set off for the top of the P6 tower to remove the
failed FPP experiment. At 1920 McArthur threw the FPP (Floating
Potential Probe) into space, where it is now being tracked in a 338 x
346 km orbit. After returning to the truss and replacing a power module
on the mobile transporter, the astronauts  went back to the airlock.
Tokarev went inside at 2025 UTC followed by McArthur at 2035 UTC. The
hatch was closed at 2046 UTC with repressurization at 2054 UTC, for a
duration of 5h27m (depress/repress), 5h17m (hatch open/close) or 5h22m
(NASA rule).


Reasonable interpretation ?

73  Jean-Claude  tk5gh
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