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Re: Satellite Transciever

Hi Ken,

On 20-Nov-05, at 3:00 AM, Ken Shutt wrote:

> I am planning to replace my trusty and faithful FT-736R.  It is  
> with much
> reluctance and hesitation that I undertake this endevor.  I am  
> considering
> either a TS-2000X or an IC-910H.  I would appreciate comments on  
> the relative
> merits of these rigs.  I understand that the TS-2000X has some  
> birdies in the
> satellite bands.  Also, 1.2 Ghz xmit capability is a must.  Any  
> comments or
> suggestions will be appreciated.
> 73 de Ken, K5GUU

We have used both the TS-2000 and the IC-910 extensively on the SSPBD  
Satellite gateway.


Compared to the TS-2000 - the IC-910 was deaf and off frequency.

You should probably do an A/B comparison at the radio store in case  
we were using a faulty IC-910.

Your mileage may very.

73 Don Agro VE3VRW
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