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RE: Cubesat transponder

Hello Luc / Domenico
I believe your right, it would be easy to build a transponder into a  cubesat 
type package. Problem is, no university is interested in transponders.  
Perhaps one of the national AMSAT organisations could encourage a group of  
students / academics by sponsoring the project.
The general idea has much potential. Gravity gradient boom (also acting as  
antenna) to keep the satellite pointing in the right direction over both  
hemispheres, small patch antennas would fit nicely (2.4 / 5.6G) Although you  would 
probably need a flip up solar panel to add to the power budget of a 10cm  
Sighhhhh........So many ideas, so little time.
p.s.  I've seen the on line price list of Cal Poly cubesat parts. I  wonder 
what the launch cost is?
In a message dated 20/11/2005 09:38:56 GMT Standard Time,  
luclebla@sorel-tracy.qc.ca writes:

> Congratulation for your job because you demostrates that to
>  build a transponder and make it to fly in the space can be "EASY"
> 73" de
> i8CVS Domenico 
> ----

I don't  know if William is willing to publish his schematic and construction 
notes but  it will be surely a big push and help for those who are skilled in 
electronic  EG: 
students and few hams. Should i read here there is no more excuses to  don't 
have a linear transponder in the next cube sats? I copy the beacon  saturday 
and signal is 
excellent i don't know if both transponder are at  the same TX power?
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