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Re: RE: From VE5SWL - Dutch Transponder TLM

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From: "William Leijenaar" <pe1rah@yahoo.com>
To: <amsat-bb@amsat.org>
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 12:59 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] RE: From VE5SWL - Dutch Transponder TLM

> Hi Emily,
> Only real AMSAT-spirit hams know the "HI HI HI"
> tradition :o)

Hi William, PE1RAH from Domenico, i8CVS

I agree.

The real AMSAT tradition started with ....  ..        .... .. 
from OSCAR-1  

> I wanted to have my transponder for all hams in the
> world, as a real amateur radio, and I knew a CW beacon
> had to be included, not only for identification but
> also for hams that can only receive.

Right ! because CW is readable over the noise using simple
and not sofisticated receivers and big antennas.  

> The beacon message is not just a message I think out
> in 2 seconds.
> Actually it was quit a challenge as the memory space
> was small, and I also didn't want to have a too long
> message.
Can you upload different messages or switch the beacon
to some CW telemetry channels e.g. battery voltage...
and so on ?

> How I came to the message:
> --------------------------
> "HI HI HI"          = The OSCAR telemetry tradition...
> "THIS IS VUSAT"     = For identification of the
> satellite


> "Dutch Transponder" = To know which transponder is
> switched on

Why not AMSAT-DL transponder ? 

> "William Leijenaar" = My name to avoid others to take
> my credits

This is to much personal !

> "73 PE1RAH"         = My 73s to all radio amateurs in
> the world

Much better only "73" 

> The message is done in morse code, so every ham in the
> world can decode it with the ear and without the use
> of a modem, computer or special software that never
> works haha. 

I agree completely with you....HI HI 

> Just KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple)
Right ! and infact OSCAR-7 is still working  

> Maybe some idea for future multi-band and multi-mode
> satellites to let them send the active mode in a CW
> coded message. 

It was very nice the "OSCAR-10 General Beacon And Transponder
Operation Schedule" with the CW bulletin for 5 minutes followed by
10 minutes of PSK telemetry and 5 minutes of RTTY so everyone
was able to get informations directly from the satellite using simple
CW or eventually more sofisticated PSK and RTTY only depending 
on the available equipments......but the ears are always available ! 

Like for AO-40 you needed to have a PC
> with soundcard only to know in what mode it was. Same
> for AO-51, you need to check on internet for its mode.

Much better when the satellite itself send the schedule  worldwide 
and you don't need to go to internet 
> Just an idea to think about :o)

Just  "KISS" ( Keep It Stupid Simple )

> 73 de PE1RAH
> William Leijenaar

Congratulation for your job because you demostrates that to
build a transponder and make it to fly in the space can be "EASY"

73" de

i8CVS Domenico 
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