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G5400B EL rotor problems

I have a repeat problem with my G5400B EL rotor.  The rotor won’t move.  I
have troubleshot it electrically from the shack.  The cable seems OK.  The
switches are closed.  I can get about 29VAC across the windings and about
1.6 Amps through each of the windings.  I have tried bridging 100uFd NP
across the cable connections to the motor.  It seems the motor is
electrically OK.  Last year when it failed the first time with the same
conditions the rotor got new bearings, retainers, a new water proof marine
grease coating on gears and bolts.  The pot got filled with water proof
silicon grease.

Last year when I took the rotor down and opened it, the motor and the gears
could be turned by hand. I was never able to confirm the failure. After all
of the repair the rotor worked fine until several weeks ago.

Now I am back to the same scenario.  I figure that it must be locked or
jammed.  It has a pair of M2 VHF and UHF antennas on it.  It lives about a ¼
mile from the Monterey Bay on the Central California coast. It doesn’t seem
to have been bothered by salt air. The load is fairly well balanced as well
as can be with the heavy VHF antenna on one side and the lighter UHF
opposite it.

Before I take it down, I am going to climb up there and try pushing the boom
into and pulling it out to see if I can free it with the wife operating the
power switches from the shack.  I may try relocating the VHF antenna closer
to the rotor to get a better balance. The AZ rotor always works well.

Any suggestions out there?

de Allen WB6RWU
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