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Digital (data) VS analog mode (voice)

On January 22 and 23 the builders of the
transponders for the Phase 3 satellite met in
Marburg. Here is an exceprt from this meeting just to make a folllow up on my previous thread.

>A past thread about digital VS voice modes clearly demonstrate that very few are wiling to operate on digital mode.
> It seems to be proven by facts but there is still numerous projects involving digital mode!. If it is for the few last experimenters
>it's OK but i still don't understand why more spaces is given to audio modes?

>AO-40 was sending 24-7 data telemetry and i was watching the data stream a lot when the various band pass where closed but aside of the real functional data could be if an 
>equal amount of voice channel on each cube sat can be available could be more activity can be triggered?

Nothing has basically changed in the matter
of RUDAK. From questions and practical
observations of the satellites it is clear that a
RUDAK system is no longer timely in the
sense of a mailbox. The Internet has very
clearly moved away from the level of
amateur radio. The advantage of a satellite
like P3E in a high orbital plane lies in its
ability to distribute news and information in
real time.

The whole text on:    http://www.amsat-dl.org/p3e/bericht-0205-e.pdf

Just note this : "The Internet has very clearly moved away from the level of amateur radio". 

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
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